We have the right imprinting method to reproduce your artwork faithfully and accurately on any type of product. We provide you with the best finish for the product you have chosen. From pique to fleece, on stretch knits, hats or leather; unwoven and plastic bags, wood or tin gift boxes, plastic cups or stainless steel water bottles, there are no limits to our resources.

Logo Design

It is not difficult or costly to make your company shine. We can digitize, modify or recreate your existing logo, from any format (a paper napkin even!). If you don't have a logo we can quickly create dynamic art work and attend to your branding needs, all for a modest fee.

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Our extremely talented digitizers can create or upload your existing design onto cutting edge, computerized machines that then embroider your logo on cloth, nylon or leather. We can get the finest detail and the tightest stitch onto any garment.

Every logo needs to be digitized before it can be embroidered. Digitizing is a one-time process that re-formats your logo so it is legible to embroidery machines. Our digitization rates are much lower than any of our competitors and you only pay it once!

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Screen Printing

We offer the highest quality Screen Printing, Spot Colour Process and Raised Edge Effects. Silk Screening is a common way to imprint large surfaces, such as T-shirts and non-woven eco bags. We can also print on metal and do light reflective printing on nylon and cloth.

Westcoast uses only the finest professionals in the field. Only the top quality inks can ensure every logo detail is accurate and that colours remain vibrant without cracking, chipping or fading, even after hundreds of washes.

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Engraving, Embossing Debossing and Etching

Other imprinting options available for non-cloth products are Engraving, Embossing, Debossing and Etching. We will be happy to work with you to find the best option for the product that you have chosen.

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Laser Burning

The newest and coolest cloth imprinting method literally cool-burns your logo resulting in an awesome embossed effect. High nap fabrics such as fleece and soft denim look particularly good.

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Digitizing for Embroidery

Every logo needs to be digitized before it can be embroidered. Digitizing is a process by which your logo is remade into a format that is legible to embroidery machines. We digitize logos at rates much lower than any of our competitors. If you have your own embroidery machine, and just need your logo digitized, we can accommodate!

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